Privacy Policy

Update date: December 31, 2017

This privacy policy is applied to users of "Raccoon Rack" (smartphone application) developed and operated by hogeizm (hereafter this application).
This page explains the collection, use and disclosure of the user's personal health information (hereinafter referred to as "user health information") when using this application.
In addition, we will explain the third party advertisement distribution service used by hogeizm and the third party analysis service.
By using this application, it is deemed that you agree to these terms. Please note.

Please note that the first paragraph of this Privacy Policy is not covered because the iPad version "Raccoon Rack for iPad" and Android version has not acquired any user health information at all.

1. Collection and use of user health information conducted by this application
User health information is saved only in the terminal you use.
By using this application you will never send user health information to our server - or third parties.

- We do not own any user health information.
- We will not send user health information to any external server including our server.
- We will not provide user health information to advertisements and advertisement related services.

User health information acquired with this application is used only within this application.

2. Third party ad delivery service and analysis service
This application uses third party services.
Regarding the information, purpose of use, provision to third parties, etc. to acquire the following third party services within the scope of the purpose of use
Since it is stipulated in each service, please confirm it on the page of privacy policy URL described.

- Admob
Provider: Google, Inc.
Acquisition method: Automatic collection
Purpose of use: For advertisement delivery suitable for users.
Detailed information: In this application, the following advertisement distribution companies may automatically acquire information of users for the purpose of advertisement distribution.
For the information to be acquired, purpose of use, provision to third parties, etc., please confirm from the application · privacy policy link of the following advertisement distributor.
AdMob (Google Inc.)

- Google Analytics
Provider: Google, Inc.
Acquisition method: Automatic collection
PURPOSE: For investigating trends related to usage. For advertisement delivery suitable for users. For measuring advertisement posting effect.
Further information: Data gathered by using Google Analytics is managed based on Google's privacy policy.
Google Privacy Policy

3. Transmission stop and deletion of user information
This application does not provide a means for stopping the automatic transmission of the third-party service user information shown in the preceding paragraph. If you want to stop the automatic transmission of user information, please uninstall the app.

4. Revision of the Privacy Policy
Firm. We may change this policy. However, if there is a significant change to this Agreement, shall be separately notified by the site on, or app.
In addition, without the consent of the user, such as a change such as to obtain personal information within this app, you will never make other significant changes.

5. Contact information
For inquiries regarding this privacy policy, please contact the following page.
Although we are making every effort to make a reply promptly, you may get a 3 days your time of about one week to reply.
For inquiries: